Table Rules

Updated 11-7-12

DM Rights The DM has the right to make any ruling regarding anything at the game involving the running of the game that he or she likes. This is up to and including directly overruling any rule written in any book anywhere. This is a code that was put down long ago by Gary Gygax himself. The DM is the referee, not your friend. He is there to make the game move along.

Unexplainable Some things in D&D cannot be explained just as things in real life cannot be explained. Accept it.

Enhanced Combat. You have 7 seconds to choose what your character is doing for his or her turn. After that, you will automatically delay. When the DM opens his mouth to announce this, it is already to late to make a decision. Be prepared for your turn.

ROLEPLAYING. D&D is a roleplaying game and that’s what makes it so much fun. While we are playing, be your character! Talk like your character! Act stupid! There’s no reason to be afraid of roleplaying. See below for some benefits you can gain from it!

Respect. Be there and ready by the time the game starts. THIS MEANS BE ON TIME! DO NOT bring personal conflicts to the table. You are playing your characters and not yourselves. If a character insults or criticizes you, remember that the CHARACTER is doing it to your CHARACTER. It’s not a feud between players so do not take it personally. Respect the DM. More often than not, I’ve put many, many more hours into the game than you. Remember that.

Distractions. DO NOT: USE YOUR PHONE FOR ANY REASON DURING A GAME. Also, do not roll dice unless you are asked to. It’s distracting. Listen to the DM as I will not repeat important info if you weren’t paying attention.

Rolling of Dice Your dice rolls do not count if it is not your turn and you have not declared what you are attempting. No rolling before your turn. I reserve the right to make you re-roll ANY roll.

Rules discussions. The DM’s call on a rule is final, regardless of the actual rule. I’ll make a note of it and look it up later but rules discussions during game take away from roleplaying.

Don’t do it!

After The Fact = Too Late
We are officially done with “After the Fact” damage and conditions. If a move or action included something that you forgot to mention before the end of your turn, it is no longer effective. Know your characters! Look at feat details and move details.

CHEATING Cheating in any form will get you removed from the campaign. It’s not fun for anyone.

Most Important
Have fun!

Interrupts – Powers & More
Especially at epic tier, immediate reactions/interrupts/opportunity attacks are common. I will try and give a good pause when I expect one. Only 1 interrupt is allowed per turn. The player that announces it first will get it. Also, for interrupts that save you from damage: Most are triggered by “An enemy hits you with an attack.” You need to announce your interrupt at that point. Once damage is rolled, you take it. (A rare exception will allow you to know the damage but it will say so in the power)

LEGIT Roleplaying
Legitimate roleplaying (unlike any we’ve seen yet) will now be providing big rewards. I will reward a hefty amount of XP to anyone willing to not break character for an entire night. Depending on the night this could be anywhere from 20,000-40,000 XP EXTRA for roleplaying.

Game Extras
I have always put in little extra rules to make the game “more fun”. However, to reduce table transactions (which are disgustingly high at epic tier) I will be removing many of them.

  • We will no longer have a magic number that awards Action Points each time you roll it.
  • Critical Fumble and Critical Hit cards will be used at the DMs discretion. (It takes away from roleplaying when someone shouts “What about a card?!” I will try to remember to use them on as many occasions as possible.)
  • The one extra which will replace all others is the FateShift card. If you do something amazingly creative/cool or display fantastic roleplaying to achieve a task, I will grant you a FateShift card. This card allows you to re-roll any d20 roll one time and use the newer result. These are once again at my discretion and will not be given if asked for. Consider them rare but use wisely if you get one.

Dealing with Multiple Damage Types/Resistances
“Against Combined Damage Types: Your resistance is ineffective against combined damage types unless you have resistance to each of the damage types, and then only the weakest of the resistances applies. For example, if you have resist 10 lightning and resist 5 thunder and an attack deals 15 lightning and thunder damage to you, you take 10 damage, because the resistance to the combined damage types is limited by the lesser of the two resistances.”

Making Checks/Roleplaying
When attempting to do something, do not think in game mechanics. Tell the DM what you would like to do, and if a check is required then he will state that. Saying, “I’ll make a perception check,” is HUGE metagaming. From here on out just say, “I am going to see if I can tell if anything is out of place in this room,” or something along those lines. The DM will determine the check.

Table Rules

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