Ashkahir Faeldaroch

The following is an excerpt from the tale of King Grenwyck of Aestonia:

…And lo did great Grenwyck, known as the Drake of Aestonia, step out from the ruin of his castle. Brandishing his great sword Ash he walked forth toward Ashkahir Faeldaroch, the burning death. “Fool,” the beast spat, fire dripping from its jaws, “thou knowest not what thine folly brings upon thee. Better to lay thyself down and accept the fiery end that I offer thee than to continue this attempt on my life. For so long as the fires within the earth may burn, so shall my life’s fire be lit.”

With that the great dragon took flight. As Grenwyck fell forward to the earth succumbing to his wounds, then did Pelor speak forth, “Grenwyck, raise thyself up and go forth to chase the Burning Death, for thou and those of Aestonia are mine chosen people. This attack upon mine and my kingdom shall not go unpunished.” And then did Grenwyck stand, relieved of his mortal pains, “Take with thee my hammer and leave thy worldly armaments aside.” And so did Grenwyck, and he found in his hand a mighty hammer shining brilliantly with Pelor’s light.

So forth Grenwyck went from his castle ruins and for three days and three nights did he pursue Ashkahir, until he found him, and brought him down to the earth with a bolt of Pelor’s light sent forth from the hammer, in the mountains near the city of Minora. As the dragon fell to the earth he did curse Grenwyck’s name. Yet when the dragon did look upon him, the Aestonian seemed to shine with the light of another, and it could be seen that for a time Grenwyck and Pelor were one in the same. With a great fury He smote the dragon, and great chains dragged themselves forth from the stone. With every strike more chains came forth until the great beast was bound completely. The dragon lashed out, snapping at Grenwyck, yet found itself unable to move. "Though I cannot escape these infernal chains, I yet have power in me to curse thee Grenwyck the Drake of Aestonia! For thine house shall see ruin, and thine heir shall be carried forth on wings of darkness, lost in the time of thine people’s greatest need.

Grenwyck struck the beast a final time, binding its head and its mouth shut. Then, in a voice not of his own he spoke, “Thou Ashkahir Faeldaroch the Burning Death, hast slighted Pelor. In doing so thou hast forsaken the light.” With these words the dragon’s eyes were stricken blind. As the beast howled the voice within Grenwyck spoke once more, “As punishment for thine deeds, may thou find companionship only with the stone henceforth.” Then did Grenwyck strike the ground with his hammer, and it opened up beneath Ashkahir Faeldaroch, the Burning Death, and his binding chains pulled him down deep into the mountains below Minora. Thus did Great Grenwyck the Drake of Aestonia bind the Burning Death and save those of his country from its wrath.

Ashkahir Faeldaroch

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