Maransan War Update

Maransan war

The war in Maransa has taken an unfortunate turn. Just as King Tristan Blackstone reached the western edge and conquered Arna, Maransa unleashed terror upon the battlefield with the appearance of a red dragon. Blackstone’s army continues to see victory in many battles but when the dragon is involved, they are not so lucky.

Kraenage is currently under siege from Blackstone’s forces out of Arna. Maransa has pulled many forces from the Bleeding Edge but Blackstone refuses to reduce his presence there.

Blackstone has thus far failed to reach Maetrage although he has made many attempts. The force remains strongest around the Jewel in the Sand. The dragon’s presence is also strongest in the surrounding area of the city. The war is anyone’s to claim up to this point but unless the dragon is handled…it will soon become apparent that it is already over.

Maransan War Update

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