Quest for Starfire

The End is Here

Ending an Epic Campaign

Setting the Scene

Baurus, Vengeance, Aeitius and Silmarien had traveled to Brightkeep in search of the mysterious Starfire. He was building a device known as the Gaze and its power would rival that of the gods. They had to stop him.

Once inside the Feywild academy, they found him in a room with the device. He spoke, “We finally meet.” Then in a flash of light, they all vanished.

The Astral Ship

You’re surrounded by stars. A black void with billions of small lights flickering around you. You are alone in the silence. A small whisper to your left. A mother, reassuring her child that everything will be fine. Another whisper behind you. Something about the God’s Chosen. The protectors. A whisper above you. Nothing can undo what he has put in motion.

Moments later, the distant stars coalesce and come together, painting a picture of the Astral Sea. A ship is beneath your feet. The mysterious eladrin stands at the front of the ship next to his device, a field of energy surrounds him as he begins chanting.

Flanking ships near and githyanki pirates descend onto your ship, positioning themselves between you and the field of energy. Roll initiative.

Silmarien destroys a number of githyanki with a blast of fire. The others begin damaging the shield barrier that is protecting Starfire and the Gaze. Moments later, he looks at them angrily and fires the Gaze directly at them. They vanish in white light and become weightless.

Halls of Creation

Three, Shadow, and Chigaru find themselves walking through a marble palace, seemingly made of stars.

You walk thru the Halls of Creation. You can see through paintings the history of a world known as Prime. You see the Fold and the distant island of Aer among others. The Darkness came in the beginning. A dying universe. Oberyths. The Overgod. Two things lost to time. Although Chigaru has fragments of these memories.

Tapestries along the walls paint pictures of the world as it is. In one, a city deep within the Realm of the Vines displays pictures of horror and destruction. Another, a floating citadel over a field of Tors – an army rebuilding a fallen fortress. A third, displays pure darkness. A feeling you just left. These are portals into the world.

The third portal leads to the Depth of Worlds – the darkest place in the universe where these heroes just defeated Orcus. Three knows that without sealing this doorway, they will need to return often to prevent something horrible from coming through. He only knows one way to seal it, as Haramathur did before him. He received divine insight that he could go on living, should he attempt to give himself over to seal it.

Three prepared the ritual, said goodbye to his friends, and knelt before the tapestry. He laid his blade and holy symbol on the floor in front of him. As he gave himself to seal the Depth of Worlds, Haramathur intervened, giving his remaining half to seal it instead. “Watch over our people,” were the gods last words. The presence of Haramathur disappeared and Three ascended to godhood to take his place in the heavens.

Shortly after, the others prayed to Three for divine guidance in helping the people in the first tapestry. In a flash of lightning, a sword slammed into the ground. Three send justice to them and One came to be around the sword. They all chose the portal to the Realm of the Vines.

The Tomb of Horrors

Starfire’s chanting stops. He turns, eyes angry. The device turns with him and a sudden blinding light is unleashed in your direction. All goes dark and weightless.

You see an island. A cold, desolate tomb that chills you to the bone. You can almost feel the cold. A hopeless feeling rises within you as your senses come to. You and your allies are no longer weightless. The vision has stopped. The tomb remains. You have returned to your worst nightmare.

The party has four rounds (as a d4 acts as the timer) to find their way out of this room in the Tomb of Horrors before this timeline ceases to exist and they all die with it. Baurus is excited to be traversing a dungeon again and quickly finds hidden panels leading to their exit.

The Astral Ship Part 2

They are teleported back to the ship from the Tomb of Horrors. Githyanki swarm it now. The party fights their way through them and continues damaging the shield. Baurus wants to take the ship down after witnessing the power of the Gaze. He destroys one wing of the ships and it begins to veer to the right. Then they are teleported again by the Gaze.

The Tomb of Horrors part 2

They return to a chapel in the tomb. After triggering a few traps and taking damage, Vengeance finds the way out.

The Astral Ship Part 3

Back on the ship, githyanki swarm once again. Ships are now descending on them. Hundreds of githyanki poised to board the ship. Suddenly, the ships around them come under fire and one is taken out completely. The Transcursus blazes past them and a voice inside their heads says, “Focus on him, gents. I’ve got the rest.” The party knows then that Jinroy the Mindsinger has come to the rescue.

Silmarien uses a spell called Crack the World to split the ship in two. They begin to go down. But it appears Starfire still has some control over where its headed.

The Tarrasque

“I need more time. I’m so sorry for bringing us here. But I need more time.” Only then do you realize how low the ship is flying. As the ship descends below the trees, you see buildings and towers. Then a crash. You’re thrown to the deck, hanging on as the ship comes to stop. Stones and chunks of marble fall all around you. Within seconds, all is still and quiet. And then screams fill your ears as you notice the terrified citizens running about. Some buildings have been flattened and others are on fire. Pure chaos. Then you hear it…"

A world-shattering roar sends your head spinning. Immediately, a gust of wind hits you and dust flies up. You see the shockwave continue into the forest, evaporating trees in its wake.

As you turn, your heart sinks.

At this point, using Fate-style zones, the party fights the Tarrasque. Baurus sets fire to a warehouse to get the beast’s attention. Then proceeds to climb the beast. Vengeance gets to the battlements and positions a ballista, where he begins firing. Once he has the beast’s attention, it comes for him. Aeitius puts up a wall between them, buying the crew more time. Meanwhile, Silmarien helps Starfire rebuild the machine to the point they can use it against the Tarrasque.

A few rounds later, the Gaze fires, tearing thru the beast’s shoulder and dealing significant damage. Silmarien uses Crack the World again, underneath the beast. He sends his griffon to pick up Baurus just in time. The Tarrasque appears to have a hold and won’t fall into the chasm but Baurus delivers a critical hit, reducing its HP to 0 and it slides back into the earth for another long slumber.

The party learns that One, Chigaru, and Shadow got here just in time to evacuate most of the city.

They turn to Starfire, who looks utterly defeated.

A shooting star streaks the night sky. Starfire’s eyes light up in sudden terror, “It’s no star, it’s the worldbreaker, Iosphael. The Gaze can still defeat him. Without it, he will consume our world. Allow me to fire it. One. Last. Time.”

The party agrees, as long as its destroyed after. They rebuild it. Starfire takes off his ring, stars wreathed in flame, and tosses it into the chasm behind the Tarrasque. “It is done. Your victory. My failure. I am Starfire no more.”

They fire the device into the night sky. A horrifying scream echoes across the sky and a ripple is sent out with it. Light consumes them all.



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