Lomian Dawnshadow (R.I.P.)

"Set the sovereignty of the wicked aflame and bring forth justice to thy foul kin and those beasts that linger within the darkness"


Lomian Dawnshadow is the only surviving member of his immediate family. The Dawnshadow’s have been rulers of Arna since before the fall of the Nerathi Empire, until now. After their father’s death, Lomian’s brother Kale assumed the throne. As a boy he was greedy and quick to anger, upon the throne he was that and more. Kale made an allegiance with the sworn enemy of Arna, the Vampires in the Northern Mountains. He looked beyond Arna’s borders to the east, and thirsted for all of Aestonia. He did not get far, Lomian had been organizing a resistance and all loyal to his father came to his side, he met Kale in the field of battle outside of Haran’s gates. He brought Kale to Justice with his own sword. Lost in the emotion of it all, Lomian fled. He eventually found himself at Brightkeep , where they saw that he had a touch of destiny, and sent him back to Aestonia to meet the God’s Chosen. Lomian established New Haven with the intention of having a place where refugees from all lands could feel safe, and as a base of operations for the God’s Chosen.

In Lomian’s absence, his Uncle has taken the throne and impatiently waits for Lomian’s return.

The Oath Breaker

Skin pale as a new borns, as is typical with Vryloka. Eyes a deep shade of blue, with flecks of silver as if his eyes were the sky at twilight. Long crimson hair turned white after the incident. Prince Lomian is built like a warrior, muscled and lean. However, he spends hours with his nose buried into books of Lore, concerning himself with the history of his ancestors and of the world. He would make a fine King one day, fate has other ideas.

Lomian, which means Son of Twilight in Sindarin (Tolkiens made up language haha), was of Noble birth. The second born son to the Good King who ruled the better part of half the realm of Arda it’s Capitol being Eriador, far to the West of the Kingdom of Asalia. Upon his coming of age Lomian was given his own estate and garrison. Upon proving himself, he was invited to sit on his Father’s court where he became a respected voice in The Realm. Rising to become “The Sword”, a title held by the Commander of the personal guard of the King. One day, a strange man came to court. He wanted a personal audience with Lomian, not wanting to look the coward in his father’s eyes Lomian had little choice in the matter. He entertained the stranger for the better portion of the day, listening to non-sense about the impending doom of The Realm and how a dark prince would step from underneath his father’s shadow and enclose the Realm in an iron fist. Prince Lomian was having none of it. The Stranger had wasted half his day and the council was adjourned. Being a Vryloka, Lomian was quick to emotion and consequently, his anger. He dismissed the Stranger at once. Annoyed, the Stranger uttered a few queer words and extended his hard leather hand in thanks for the audience. As their hands met The Stranger fused his hand with the Prince’s. Immediately the Prince felt powerful energy flowing through his body, wave after wave of pain racked his body for what seemed an eternity, but after a few short seconds the Stranger laughed and said, “you’ll thank me. The Realm will thank me.” and in a flash, he was gone and Prince Lomian fell into darkness. Weeks of dark and troubling dreams past before Lomian awoke in the dark. He was cold, and alone. Weeks more past as he recovered his strength and more. Somewhere deep inside him something was fighting to be let out…

For a long time The Realm was a place of peace. Caravans of travelers, singers, and merchants frequented The Road, until The Good King past away and his first son, Kale the Strong came into his power. It took only a few short weeks for Kale to displace his father’s council with his own. Lomian’s own Honor Guard were replaced with thugs, rapists, and thieves…chosen by Kale. Prince Lomian ran what he liked “the kennel” now, as his men were now merely Kale’s dogs. It only took 3 changes of the moon for military power in the realm to double. The knights of the castle had taken to raping women in the streets, putting insubordinate citizens to the sword where the stood, and claiming whatever they could as their own. Lomian was beginning to see, the Stranger had the right of it. The Realm was crumbling in the Iron Fist of his brother Kale.
Kale, in the midst of one of his rages, decided he would take the Realm of the Vines for his own. The elves were after inferior, and his new kingdom needed slaves. Lomian argued with his older brother for days, it was not right to invade a non-warring colony. Kale would not hear it, and Lomian was forced to submit, however, Lomian began to conceive a plan.

As the sworn sword of the king, Lomian was to lead the Vanguard at the head of the army…the first into battle. Having the most dangerous task Lomian demanded from Kale that he pick every single man in the Vanguard. Not seeing any harm in this Kale agreed, and Lomian began to hand pick the only people who he could trust…those still claiming the ideals of his father, The Good King. They flew his banner, a Golden Eagle on a white field, and clad themselves all in white, symbolizing their purity from this new evil king. The rest of the men in Kales army flew a horrifying banner of a giant black bat with red eyes over a field of red. On the march a band of cloaked figures joined the King, these were emisarries from the Vryloka’s cursed blood brothers…vampires. It appeared that Kale had made a pact with the cursed bloods. Lomian had no love for the Black Brothers and decided it was time hatch his plan, it was early, but recent events forced his hand. That night, Lomian took the Van and flew for The Realm of the Vines to warn them of the coming attack. As the elves of the wood began setting their defences, Lomian sped on towards Asalia to beg for men. The King (Antovian Hareldi… that is Antoban’s great grand-father), touched by Lomian’s courage, led the army out himself. Furthermore, he sent a raven to the dwarven colony in the mountains.

(Battle Scene)
Kale’s force consisted of 25,000 foot and 7,500 horse with 1,000 vampire warriors.
Alliance of the Free Folk 15,000 elves on foot 5,000 men on foot with 2,500 horse and 2000 dwarven foot soldiers

In the middle of the fight Lomian cuts his way through the dark horde and finds Kale, giving in to the dark powers and feasting on a young elf’s flesh. Lomian calls him out…EPIC FIGHT. Infuriated, Lomian unleashes a blast of Arcane energy and his blade seems to sear flesh on contact. Witnesses say they could see the Flame of Justice in his eyes and it burned through the Horde. Songs were sung of his deeds, but his new found power frightened him, and he fled that night into the forest. He saught guidance in one of the Septs and a Deva there, Chigaru if I recall, pointed him in the direction of Brightkeep within the Feywild. He was put under the guidance of a young Eladrin wizard who was a scholar at Brightkeep, his name was Aranil. Many years past and many years after that…and Aranil and Lomian, both immortals, grew together, grew STRONG together. In that time Lomian grew to harness his power and use it against his foes. The ancient powers bestowed upon him a wondrous blade. The Starshadow, when looked upon this longsword of shifting light and shadow appears as if someone made it by folding molten dreams and nightmares in the forge of a star. Now It was time that Lomian returned to Arna to install peace to the realm and it was during that time Aranil rose to the head of the order at brightkeep. Upon his return, Aranil had news for him…a group of would-be heroes is on a important quest that hold the fate of the world. The quest for starfire.

Lomian Dawnshadow (R.I.P.)

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