Lomian Dawnshadow (R.I.P.)

"Set the sovereignty of the wicked aflame and bring forth justice to thy foul kin and those beasts that linger within the darkness"


Lomian Dawnshadow is the only surviving member of his immediate family. The Dawnshadow’s have been rulers of Arna since before the fall of the Nerathi Empire, until now. After their father’s death, Lomian’s brother Kale assumed the throne. As a boy he was greedy and quick to anger, upon the throne he was that and more. Kale made an allegiance with the sworn enemy of Arna, the Vampires in the Northern Mountains. He looked beyond Arna’s borders to the east, and thirsted for all of Aestonia. He did not get far, Lomian had been organizing a resistance and all loyal to his father came to his side, he met Kale in the field of battle outside of Haran’s gates. He brought Kale to Justice with his own sword. Lost in the emotion of it all, Lomian fled. He eventually found himself at Brightkeep , where they saw that he had a touch of destiny, and sent him back to Aestonia to meet the God’s Chosen. Lomian established New Haven with the intention of having a place where refugees from all lands could feel safe, and as a base of operations for the God’s Chosen.

In Lomian’s absence, his Uncle has taken the throne and impatiently waits for Lomian’s return.

Lomian Dawnshadow (R.I.P.)

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