Aietius had always felt comfortable identifying with his Eladrin heritage, but distinguished himself from his race in two ways: his love for devices and artifacts forged by non-Elvish peoples and his occasionally reckless compulsive streak.

Aietius’ work at Brightkeep Academy had been primarily to find ways to merge the powers of the Feywild with the more mundanely engineered projects of the world. When Aietius caught word of Starfire’s event at Brightkeep, Aietius set off to the Tomb of Horrors fearing that Starfire might pursue the powerful devices held within. What Aietius intended to do with those devices in that fury was indeterminable, even to himself.

After hiring sell-swords and failing miserably in his first attempt to take the Tomb, Aietius resigned himself to the Skull Breakers and began constructing his identity entirely in terms of opposition to the horrendous place. He took on the non-Eladrin Path of Light religion from one of his fellow Skullbreakers against the traditional Eladrin Court of Stars, and devoted himself to taking the mysteries at the core of the Tomb. At this point, Aietius had become almost indifferent to Starfire’s supposed machinations, Aietius simply wanted revenge on the Tomb that stole his naivety and sight.

After completion of the Tomb, Aietius’ quest now pertains to reconstructing his identity after the horrors he experienced, and perhaps finding and protecting his two older sisters from whatever monstrosities that are to be unleashed upon the world.


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