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  • Thomorn Moonshadow

    Thomorn Moonshadow is one of the five great wizards of Brightkeep in the Feywild. He often stares into the distance and has an unusual pale skin color. He seems to be lost in thought and somewhere other than where his body is.

  • Leoven Mharki

    Leoven Mharki is a wizard at Brightkeep in the Feywild. He twirls his hair and tugs on his beard when he talks to people. He also has a very distinctive nose that appears very large and crooked.

  • Kevian Dawntracker

    Kevian Dawntracker is a wizard at Brightkeep in the Feywild. He often steals the literature from other wizards and forgets to return it. He has very unusual, green hair. He also uses flowery speech and long words.

  • Davnan Darksbane

    Davnan Darksbane is a wizard at Brightkeep in the Feywild. He is rarely seen out and about and usually stays hidden in the stacks or in his quarters. He uses colorful oathes and explanations when talking to visitors. He is missing a front tooth as well …

  • Aranil Elrohmer

    Aranil is the wizard the Magus Prime at Brightkeep Academy in the Feywild. This eladrin is smooth-skinned with flowing blonde hair and green orbs that hide his true knowledge. The mind of Aranil Elrohmer knows more knowledge than all the books at …