Tag: Fallcrest


  • Armos Kamroth

    Armos Kamroth has acquired farmland around Fallcrest by buying it from the previous owners during downtimes. He continues to use the old owners to tend the farms. He resides at the Kamroth Estate in Fallcrest.

  • Sergeant Murgeddin

    Sergeant Murgeddin runs a legion of men that guard the town gate in Fallcrest. He always claims he saw old man Markellhay run into the Gardmore Abbey during the war to hide his sacred family weapon.

  • Teldorthan Ironhew

    Teldorthan served in the war. He now runs Teldorthan's Arms. His apprentices do most of his work but he is a master of his craft. He is very intent on keeping his good name around Fallcrest.