Quest for Starfire

Triumph of the Chosen
Destruction of a demilich and the rescue of an old friend
The Unlikely Three

Our heroes found themselves in the dark area they had previously explored. This time they could feel the end of this horror draw near. They first came across a room with an odd man from the Fae, he was interested in playing a game. The heroes easily defeated the man in the game (due to some slight cheating) and the man became very angry. A battle broke out and after the heroes began to win, the man disappeared (assumedly back to the Fae.) The God’s Chosen carried on and found themselves in a frightening room with a large skull painted on the ground. There was a place on the ground for 6 gems, in which Lomian began to place the gems he had acquired in the slots. Two Aspects of Vecna appeared and began making things difficult. While Lomian was placing the gems, one Aspect got in a killing blow and put Lomian down. The heroes were not phased though, they still had Three and knew he was talented in ritual casting. A few minutes later, Three fell and it was up to Stelian, Shadow, and Aeitius to finish the job. Once the Aspects were dead, the three remaining members gathered up all they needed. Stelian and Aeitius grabbed armor and potions, while Shadow grabbed Ruinblade from Three’s limp hand. Once all of the gems were placed, a portal shot from the ground, and the weakened party was ready to step forth. Once inside the portal, they could see a large figure, constructed out of many dead gods’ flesh. The mammoth object, then came to life. With no healer and a weakened party, this would be a fight to remember. The battle raged on and eventually Aeitius broke a large power gem over the monster’s head, doing massive damage to the creature. The fight was not over yet. Stelian was then struck by a mighty blow and fell unconscious. Shadow was then knocked down, but though he felt like collapsing, he battled on. Stelian (who was believed to have been finished off) then woke back up, and began to fight again. All three were tired and worn, but then a final leaping blow from Shadow brought the creature to his back. Once the creature was dead, Shadow collapsed with the falling body. The heroes then dragged their fallen companions out of the tomb and back to a safe haven. There Stelian bartered away some of the goods the heroes had left over, then brought Three and Lomian back to life. The party then agreed to split into two, Lomian went back to New Haven, Three, Shadow, Stelian, and Aeitius remained where they were. War is coming.

Aspects of Evil
Gems, Evil, and Aetius
While our heroes continue their adventure, they find themselves back in the room in which they previously left off. While some of the party prays to the pool and the God it represents, Lomian finds two gems wrapped around a vampire’s neck. As Lomian a-tunes the gems, the rest of the party looks about the area. After much thought, the party returns to the previous room they were in and decide to go through a different portal than the first time. The room they arrive in has many dead bodies and constructs. The constructs come to life and attack the heroes. While the battle rages, a familiar face comes stumbling out of the portal behind our heroes, the blind companion known as Aetius has returned. Relieved to see their friend, the heroes were whole again. Once the final enemy had met his match, the Gods’ Chosen began to search the room. Weapons, armor, and a blood-colored symbol occupied the room. The symbol represented Kord’s brother, Tuern, who was slain in the past by Kord’s evil brother. Another gem was also found and Lomian a-tunes it and puts it on his belt. The heroes then elect for Ginroy to step through a swirling portal, he describes to the rest of the party what he sees. He describes a demon, followers, and a purple gem. The party decides to try a bit of a long shot attack. The party decides on shooting magic through the portal to get the upper hand on the demons. As soon as the first shot is fired, the portal closes, and Ginroy is on his own. The party quickly tries to re-open the portal. Seeing that the portal cannot be opened again, the party frantically tries another portal. They eventually meet up with Ginroy (who has been talking his way out of an early grave) and are prepared to defend their friend. In the room, a giant tentacled monster rises from the pool in the middle during the battle, the true battle had just begun. The Aspect of Vector also made an appearance, but was overcome by The Gods’ Chosen. After the battle, the heroes searched through more portals and found their way back to the Shadowfell. After a small encounter with some unfriendly ghosts, the heroes found their way back to the tapestry room they had previously passed through. The tapestries depicted pictures of Demogorgon and Orcus. While searching the chamber, aspects of both Demogorgon and Orcus appear before the party and begin their assault. After a display of acrobatics and power, Stellion brought down Demogorgon in two final blows. After trading blows with the aspect of Orcus, Gahthak eventually severs Orcus into two. The Gods’ Chosen returned to the room they began in and rested. The end of this nightmare felt the nearest it had ever felt.
The Wizard's Crystal
Sacrifices are made, and old friends return.

Upon arriving in the Astral Sea, the party suddenly hears a scuffle happening on the deck of the pirate ship they occupy. Coming up to the deck, the party sees the pirates that had been manning their ship slain by a small group of black cloaked strangers. The strangers lead the party to a man who had taken over the duty of flying the ship. When asked of his intentions by Three, the man explained where they were headed and stated that soon they would “understand everything”. Soon the ship docked and the party was taken to a fortress built into a mountain where the Shardmind Ilnedra was waiting. She explained that though the party had undertaken many quests, all were secondary to slowing the progress of Starfire, who was working in the Astral Sea at present, collecting artifacts and acting as the de facto servant of the goddess Erathis. However it was believed that his servitude was more out of convenience of gaining power and resources rather than for the greater good. The party was then sent to the island of 1,000 spires to find the next artifact of importance to Starfire, a crystal that once belonged to a great and terrible wizard. After hours of searching they found the spire belonging to the wizard and entered to search for the crystal. The party then began collecting gems within the spire, falling prey to the traps that each of the gems required to collect them, as well as battles with the servants of the evil god Bane, and devils as well. Once the gems were collected and used to unlock the magic seal on the wizard’s crystal the party was teleported to the top and forced to battle the newly freed wizard who owned the crystal and had been sealed for the good of the people living on the island. After a brief but nearly costly battle the party vanquished the wizard causing an explosion that forced them all off the spire to the ground far below. As the party raced to regroup and help the badly injured Three, several Mind Flayer’s appeared and immediately attacked the group. When all seemed lost, a huge axe flew forth from the blowing sand and cleaved the largest Mind Flayer in half. When the two others fled, Baurus stepped forward and introduced himself to the shocked party.

A Death and An Oath
A party member falls as a greater quest reveals itself.

After days of battling the disease infesting his body Thalion’s will finally gave way and he succumbed to the Mummy’s Rot. The remaining members of the party remained in the sanctuary of the Skullbreakers as Three sent a message to Quinn and Widgeon hastening their return to the island. Upon their arrival the group returned to the tomb and descended into a recently discovered trapdoor in the floor. Traveling further into the tomb and battling horrors along the way, the party discovers a seemingly harmless room with a jewel adorned skull sitting on a pedestal in the center of it. Quinn took the skull and triggered a trap opening the floor below him into the darkness of the inner temple. The party traveled down into the depths leading to a large circular room. However, as the entered, the cackling wraith of the mad priest Moghadam. Though victory seemed distant for a greater part of the battle, Three made a desperate final strike against the wraith and slew it. As it turned to shadow and disintegrated its magical sword dropped to the ground. Three approached the sword and when he stooped to pick it up, a voice was heard in his head asking if he would swear an oath to see the Demilich Acerak destroyed. Three took up the oath in the name of Haramathur and thus Ruinblade was his.

The Tomb of Horrors
A great evil manifests itself around the party as well as inside one of them...

The brave party enters the tomb crafted by a mad priest and accolade of the Demilich Acerak, and finds it to be a treacherous labyrinth testing their bodies as well as minds. Each of the encounters in the mazelike Tomb leaves its mark on the adventurers in one way or another. The first being the least taxing, though still leaving the party fatigued and confused. The second encounter took place in a horrible mockery of a burial chamber wherein the party encountered two mummies, and managed to lay three more to rest. However this encounter was not without its dangers, as Thalion was struck a deadly blow by one of the mummies, causing him to contract the mummy’s rot plague. The final encounter found the party fighting a bewitched eladrin woman, as well as each other due to a dangerous spell being cast by a hallway coated in runes. After surviving the encounter and helping the save the woman from the mists of madness caused by the runes the party returned to the Skullbreakers’ haven. Unfortunately, during the rest that the party took in this place Thalion’s condition worsened requiring Quinn and Widgeon to be sent to mainland in an attempt to find a cure. The party’s only option now is to return to a newfound passage in the Tomb and pray that help arrives before it is too late for Thalion…

Skull Island
The Tomb Awaits...

Joined by Quinn the adventurers leave Algoria and Argawane behind once more as they approach the true Tomb of Horrors. They receive word from a contact of Quinn’s that their next destination is Skull Island. Upon reaching the beach to set out to the island they are accosted by a gnome who bears the symbol of Algoria. The gnome reveals himself to be a bard, and good friend of the king of Algoria known as Widgeon. Utilizing an enchanted feather found earlier on the quest, the newly expanded group of adventurers set out for Skull Island. Once on the island they head toward a great skull shaped rock in the center of a city. This leads to several encounters with undead as well as the three warring factions on the island. Finally defeated in combat with several powerful warriors, the adventurers find themselves guests of the Skullbreakers, a group of adventurers who have previously braved the Tomb of Horrors and failed in their quests leaving them scarred either mentally or physically. After bestowing upon the party a few gifts, they stand ready to enter the Tomb and face whatever terrors lie inside.

Finding Quinn
Let's get that bastard...

The group heads to Hammerfast to find details about the whereabouts of Quinn Morlin. Quinn had previously stolen their Bag of Holding. They want it back. They gain the knowledge that he is in the trading town of Nenlast. A dwarf named Jarel Hammerthorn agrees to show them the way if they will guard his caravan that he is taking there. They agree.
They meet Rendar the half-orc fighter who also has agreed to see that the caravan makes its journey safely. The journey is a day and a half. They endure a harsh lightning storm and an attack from ogres and orcs. Three also finds and heals a hurt dire wolf. He decides to bring it along.
In the town of Nenlast, the characters hit the Hawk Tavern. “The best Ale in the Nentir Vale!” the sign outside reads. Jarel ends up sending them to the sewers to look for Jaerys Foxstone. He is a famed adventurer and surely he can locate Quinn. They battle through the sewers fighting aboleths until the reach Jaerys’ lair. They retrieve a special item by fighting more aboleths, cyclops, and a golem. Finally, they endure a combat encounter with Jaerys who turns out to be Quinn. He gives them treasures and asks to join their quest. They agree and get their Bag of Holding back. Finally!

Defeating the Tomb of Shadows
Finally out of there!

You feel the darkness enclosing around you. Within seconds, all is dark.

You can see your friends are with you in the darkness with the exception of Thalion. Suddenly, there is a flash that cuts through the darkness, temporarily blinding you. When you can see again, your vision is blurred. It appears a long hallway stands before you. Two doors stand on either side.

Door 1 – You can see Brightkeep, in the Feywild. A group of wizards sit around a large table with grim looks upon their faces. You recognize a few of them. Their sadness reaches out to you.

Door 2 – You see an underground dwarven city, trapped between the very planes of existence. The cries of the dwarves strike terror into your soul.

Door 3 – A familiar kingdom lies before your eyes. Algoria. But it looks nothing like it did. Flames engulf the countryside and cities are in ruins. You can hear the cries of women and children.

Door 4 – You can see Greyhawk. Suddenly, a large army, covered in darkness storms across it. The lands are filled with the darkness as it continues to grow. It strikes fear into your soul.

The next room is strange. Through the glass floor, you can see the world. Familiar faces reach up to you with a look of terror on their faces. You can see King Heroldi, the dwarves of Hammerfast, Oaklord, the elves of the forest all reaching out to you. Yet they cannot reach you. Petendithas Oaklord holds a scroll in one hand that comes close to the surface beneath your feet, yet does not cross into the room. King Heroldi holds his hand out with a small statuette of a unicorn. It does not cross into the room either.
The PCs acquired the scroll (planar portal ritual) and the unicorn statuette (a unicorn summons).

Perception DC 25 – The ceiling has images of the gods. Their eyes lie not on the people below, but rather on the doorway ahead. A look of slight worry, unusual for the gods, is upon their faces.

The next room resembles the last in shape. But that’s about it. This room has all its energy focused upon a single chest at the far end of it. The chest is the most elaborate you have ever seen. It radiates a golden light from it. Three dark figures in hoods stand guarding it. Their gaze has been upon you since you entered the room.
If the PCs move forward, the drow attack.
When you open the chest, its as if you begin flying through the sky. Clouds begin passing you at tremendous speeds. You can see a large city in the sky ahead. As you approach it, you see a castle. Next thing you know, you are in the castle staring at a large window overlooking the city. A strange figure stands in front of it staring at the stars in wonderment. He turns and says, “The Gaze is coming.”

The players land back in the Shadow Tomb. Thalion is waiting. They fill him in on what just happened. The group next attempts to cross the bone bridge in the ossuary. Two phantoms manifest with an army of skeletal beings. The PCs, luckily, identify the undead as more than mindless. They are warriors protecting their resting place. Through a skill challenge, the PCs are able to earn the trust and respect of the undead and cross safely.

Next they find the remains of the shader-kai who entered the tomb before them. They find a journal that speaks of Acerak and his phylactery. Finally, the find the shadow engine room. This room is channeling all of the energy from this place to some unknown location. An aspect of Acerak, in the form of a floating skull, attacks as the PCs try and disable the engine. They make quick work of the engine, but Acerak takes a little more time. Thalion is able to fly thanks to his boots and Shadow is able to invoke the wrath of the gods with is new rod implement. In a moment of desperation, Shadow summons a fire angel. He rides on the wings of the angel to Acerak, who is floating high above the battlefield with no need for melee combat. With a leap of faith, Shadow drives his blade into the skull and it explodes with arcane energy. The Shadow Tomb has been defeated.

Using their newly acquired portal ritual, the PCs return to Algoria so Argarwane can rule. He equips them all with special gear before they next set out to find the man who stole their Bag of Holding.


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