The Sky Citadel

A citadel in the clouds


This fortress has a room that contains the means and scroll for the “Consult Oracle” ritual. Another area outside is inscribed as a “Planar Portal.” A room deep within the citadel contains a mirror that is imbued with the “Observe Creature” ritual. The PCs must be level 24 before Iltana finishes constructing this magical room.

The only others within the citadel are about 30 or so Chosen Souls that have gotten a second chance after death by serving the cause of the God’s Chosen.

The citadel is host to barracks, feasting quarters, & a training dojo run by none other than Ricka Aldarion. Many other chambers are yet to be discovered!


This citadel floats hidden in the clouds and acts as a form of transport.

The Sky Citadel

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