Moradin's Voice

musical instrument

Throughout the ages many have wondered how the impressive vaults of the mountain city of Minora were carved. Though average dwarves boast that it was through the sweat and blood of their ancestors that these halls were carved, it was actually all thanks to one flute. Though lost to a sudden attack by drow, it was the ancestors of Morlan Thunderbeard who were once the owners of the flute.

It is said that Thunderbeard’s claim to fame was his booming voice that shook the very stone around him when he sang. These seemingly exaggerated tales actually speak a great truth, however the whole of which has been lost to time. Thunderbeard did, in fact, shake, shape, and mold the stone of Minora’s halls with the use of Moradin’s voice, for that is what none remember; it’s power.

Created by Moradin and gifted to his people, the flute holds mastery over stone for they who can play it. A simple tune on the flute, followed by a command can see stone walls split, statues carved in moments, or anything that the player can dream.

Thankfully to any but the descendants of Morlan Thunderbeard it is a simple stone flute. Woe unto the world of man if the Voice were able to be used by any other…


Moradin's Voice

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