Quest for Starfire

The Wizard's Crystal

Sacrifices are made, and old friends return.

Upon arriving in the Astral Sea, the party suddenly hears a scuffle happening on the deck of the pirate ship they occupy. Coming up to the deck, the party sees the pirates that had been manning their ship slain by a small group of black cloaked strangers. The strangers lead the party to a man who had taken over the duty of flying the ship. When asked of his intentions by Three, the man explained where they were headed and stated that soon they would “understand everything”. Soon the ship docked and the party was taken to a fortress built into a mountain where the Shardmind Ilnedra was waiting. She explained that though the party had undertaken many quests, all were secondary to slowing the progress of Starfire, who was working in the Astral Sea at present, collecting artifacts and acting as the de facto servant of the goddess Erathis. However it was believed that his servitude was more out of convenience of gaining power and resources rather than for the greater good. The party was then sent to the island of 1,000 spires to find the next artifact of importance to Starfire, a crystal that once belonged to a great and terrible wizard. After hours of searching they found the spire belonging to the wizard and entered to search for the crystal. The party then began collecting gems within the spire, falling prey to the traps that each of the gems required to collect them, as well as battles with the servants of the evil god Bane, and devils as well. Once the gems were collected and used to unlock the magic seal on the wizard’s crystal the party was teleported to the top and forced to battle the newly freed wizard who owned the crystal and had been sealed for the good of the people living on the island. After a brief but nearly costly battle the party vanquished the wizard causing an explosion that forced them all off the spire to the ground far below. As the party raced to regroup and help the badly injured Three, several Mind Flayer’s appeared and immediately attacked the group. When all seemed lost, a huge axe flew forth from the blowing sand and cleaved the largest Mind Flayer in half. When the two others fled, Baurus stepped forward and introduced himself to the shocked party.



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