Quest for Starfire

The Unlikely Three

Our heroes found themselves in the dark area they had previously explored. This time they could feel the end of this horror draw near. They first came across a room with an odd man from the Fae, he was interested in playing a game. The heroes easily defeated the man in the game (due to some slight cheating) and the man became very angry. A battle broke out and after the heroes began to win, the man disappeared (assumedly back to the Fae.) The God’s Chosen carried on and found themselves in a frightening room with a large skull painted on the ground. There was a place on the ground for 6 gems, in which Lomian began to place the gems he had acquired in the slots. Two Aspects of Vecna appeared and began making things difficult. While Lomian was placing the gems, one Aspect got in a killing blow and put Lomian down. The heroes were not phased though, they still had Three and knew he was talented in ritual casting. A few minutes later, Three fell and it was up to Stelian, Shadow, and Aeitius to finish the job. Once the Aspects were dead, the three remaining members gathered up all they needed. Stelian and Aeitius grabbed armor and potions, while Shadow grabbed Ruinblade from Three’s limp hand. Once all of the gems were placed, a portal shot from the ground, and the weakened party was ready to step forth. Once inside the portal, they could see a large figure, constructed out of many dead gods’ flesh. The mammoth object, then came to life. With no healer and a weakened party, this would be a fight to remember. The battle raged on and eventually Aeitius broke a large power gem over the monster’s head, doing massive damage to the creature. The fight was not over yet. Stelian was then struck by a mighty blow and fell unconscious. Shadow was then knocked down, but though he felt like collapsing, he battled on. Stelian (who was believed to have been finished off) then woke back up, and began to fight again. All three were tired and worn, but then a final leaping blow from Shadow brought the creature to his back. Once the creature was dead, Shadow collapsed with the falling body. The heroes then dragged their fallen companions out of the tomb and back to a safe haven. There Stelian bartered away some of the goods the heroes had left over, then brought Three and Lomian back to life. The party then agreed to split into two, Lomian went back to New Haven, Three, Shadow, Stelian, and Aeitius remained where they were. War is coming.



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