Quest for Starfire

The Tomb of Horrors

A great evil manifests itself around the party as well as inside one of them...

The brave party enters the tomb crafted by a mad priest and accolade of the Demilich Acerak, and finds it to be a treacherous labyrinth testing their bodies as well as minds. Each of the encounters in the mazelike Tomb leaves its mark on the adventurers in one way or another. The first being the least taxing, though still leaving the party fatigued and confused. The second encounter took place in a horrible mockery of a burial chamber wherein the party encountered two mummies, and managed to lay three more to rest. However this encounter was not without its dangers, as Thalion was struck a deadly blow by one of the mummies, causing him to contract the mummy’s rot plague. The final encounter found the party fighting a bewitched eladrin woman, as well as each other due to a dangerous spell being cast by a hallway coated in runes. After surviving the encounter and helping the save the woman from the mists of madness caused by the runes the party returned to the Skullbreakers’ haven. Unfortunately, during the rest that the party took in this place Thalion’s condition worsened requiring Quinn and Widgeon to be sent to mainland in an attempt to find a cure. The party’s only option now is to return to a newfound passage in the Tomb and pray that help arrives before it is too late for Thalion…



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