Quest for Starfire

Skull Island

The Tomb Awaits...

Joined by Quinn the adventurers leave Algoria and Argawane behind once more as they approach the true Tomb of Horrors. They receive word from a contact of Quinn’s that their next destination is Skull Island. Upon reaching the beach to set out to the island they are accosted by a gnome who bears the symbol of Algoria. The gnome reveals himself to be a bard, and good friend of the king of Algoria known as Widgeon. Utilizing an enchanted feather found earlier on the quest, the newly expanded group of adventurers set out for Skull Island. Once on the island they head toward a great skull shaped rock in the center of a city. This leads to several encounters with undead as well as the three warring factions on the island. Finally defeated in combat with several powerful warriors, the adventurers find themselves guests of the Skullbreakers, a group of adventurers who have previously braved the Tomb of Horrors and failed in their quests leaving them scarred either mentally or physically. After bestowing upon the party a few gifts, they stand ready to enter the Tomb and face whatever terrors lie inside.



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