Quest for Starfire

Finding Quinn

Let's get that bastard...

The group heads to Hammerfast to find details about the whereabouts of Quinn Morlin. Quinn had previously stolen their Bag of Holding. They want it back. They gain the knowledge that he is in the trading town of Nenlast. A dwarf named Jarel Hammerthorn agrees to show them the way if they will guard his caravan that he is taking there. They agree.
They meet Rendar the half-orc fighter who also has agreed to see that the caravan makes its journey safely. The journey is a day and a half. They endure a harsh lightning storm and an attack from ogres and orcs. Three also finds and heals a hurt dire wolf. He decides to bring it along.
In the town of Nenlast, the characters hit the Hawk Tavern. “The best Ale in the Nentir Vale!” the sign outside reads. Jarel ends up sending them to the sewers to look for Jaerys Foxstone. He is a famed adventurer and surely he can locate Quinn. They battle through the sewers fighting aboleths until the reach Jaerys’ lair. They retrieve a special item by fighting more aboleths, cyclops, and a golem. Finally, they endure a combat encounter with Jaerys who turns out to be Quinn. He gives them treasures and asks to join their quest. They agree and get their Bag of Holding back. Finally!



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