Quest for Starfire

Defeating the Tomb of Shadows

Finally out of there!

You feel the darkness enclosing around you. Within seconds, all is dark.

You can see your friends are with you in the darkness with the exception of Thalion. Suddenly, there is a flash that cuts through the darkness, temporarily blinding you. When you can see again, your vision is blurred. It appears a long hallway stands before you. Two doors stand on either side.

Door 1 – You can see Brightkeep, in the Feywild. A group of wizards sit around a large table with grim looks upon their faces. You recognize a few of them. Their sadness reaches out to you.

Door 2 – You see an underground dwarven city, trapped between the very planes of existence. The cries of the dwarves strike terror into your soul.

Door 3 – A familiar kingdom lies before your eyes. Algoria. But it looks nothing like it did. Flames engulf the countryside and cities are in ruins. You can hear the cries of women and children.

Door 4 – You can see Greyhawk. Suddenly, a large army, covered in darkness storms across it. The lands are filled with the darkness as it continues to grow. It strikes fear into your soul.

The next room is strange. Through the glass floor, you can see the world. Familiar faces reach up to you with a look of terror on their faces. You can see King Heroldi, the dwarves of Hammerfast, Oaklord, the elves of the forest all reaching out to you. Yet they cannot reach you. Petendithas Oaklord holds a scroll in one hand that comes close to the surface beneath your feet, yet does not cross into the room. King Heroldi holds his hand out with a small statuette of a unicorn. It does not cross into the room either.
The PCs acquired the scroll (planar portal ritual) and the unicorn statuette (a unicorn summons).

Perception DC 25 – The ceiling has images of the gods. Their eyes lie not on the people below, but rather on the doorway ahead. A look of slight worry, unusual for the gods, is upon their faces.

The next room resembles the last in shape. But that’s about it. This room has all its energy focused upon a single chest at the far end of it. The chest is the most elaborate you have ever seen. It radiates a golden light from it. Three dark figures in hoods stand guarding it. Their gaze has been upon you since you entered the room.
If the PCs move forward, the drow attack.
When you open the chest, its as if you begin flying through the sky. Clouds begin passing you at tremendous speeds. You can see a large city in the sky ahead. As you approach it, you see a castle. Next thing you know, you are in the castle staring at a large window overlooking the city. A strange figure stands in front of it staring at the stars in wonderment. He turns and says, “The Gaze is coming.”

The players land back in the Shadow Tomb. Thalion is waiting. They fill him in on what just happened. The group next attempts to cross the bone bridge in the ossuary. Two phantoms manifest with an army of skeletal beings. The PCs, luckily, identify the undead as more than mindless. They are warriors protecting their resting place. Through a skill challenge, the PCs are able to earn the trust and respect of the undead and cross safely.

Next they find the remains of the shader-kai who entered the tomb before them. They find a journal that speaks of Acerak and his phylactery. Finally, the find the shadow engine room. This room is channeling all of the energy from this place to some unknown location. An aspect of Acerak, in the form of a floating skull, attacks as the PCs try and disable the engine. They make quick work of the engine, but Acerak takes a little more time. Thalion is able to fly thanks to his boots and Shadow is able to invoke the wrath of the gods with is new rod implement. In a moment of desperation, Shadow summons a fire angel. He rides on the wings of the angel to Acerak, who is floating high above the battlefield with no need for melee combat. With a leap of faith, Shadow drives his blade into the skull and it explodes with arcane energy. The Shadow Tomb has been defeated.

Using their newly acquired portal ritual, the PCs return to Algoria so Argarwane can rule. He equips them all with special gear before they next set out to find the man who stole their Bag of Holding.



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