Quest for Starfire

Aspects of Evil

Gems, Evil, and Aetius

While our heroes continue their adventure, they find themselves back in the room in which they previously left off. While some of the party prays to the pool and the God it represents, Lomian finds two gems wrapped around a vampire’s neck. As Lomian a-tunes the gems, the rest of the party looks about the area. After much thought, the party returns to the previous room they were in and decide to go through a different portal than the first time. The room they arrive in has many dead bodies and constructs. The constructs come to life and attack the heroes. While the battle rages, a familiar face comes stumbling out of the portal behind our heroes, the blind companion known as Aetius has returned. Relieved to see their friend, the heroes were whole again. Once the final enemy had met his match, the Gods’ Chosen began to search the room. Weapons, armor, and a blood-colored symbol occupied the room. The symbol represented Kord’s brother, Tuern, who was slain in the past by Kord’s evil brother. Another gem was also found and Lomian a-tunes it and puts it on his belt. The heroes then elect for Ginroy to step through a swirling portal, he describes to the rest of the party what he sees. He describes a demon, followers, and a purple gem. The party decides to try a bit of a long shot attack. The party decides on shooting magic through the portal to get the upper hand on the demons. As soon as the first shot is fired, the portal closes, and Ginroy is on his own. The party quickly tries to re-open the portal. Seeing that the portal cannot be opened again, the party frantically tries another portal. They eventually meet up with Ginroy (who has been talking his way out of an early grave) and are prepared to defend their friend. In the room, a giant tentacled monster rises from the pool in the middle during the battle, the true battle had just begun. The Aspect of Vector also made an appearance, but was overcome by The Gods’ Chosen. After the battle, the heroes searched through more portals and found their way back to the Shadowfell. After a small encounter with some unfriendly ghosts, the heroes found their way back to the tapestry room they had previously passed through. The tapestries depicted pictures of Demogorgon and Orcus. While searching the chamber, aspects of both Demogorgon and Orcus appear before the party and begin their assault. After a display of acrobatics and power, Stellion brought down Demogorgon in two final blows. After trading blows with the aspect of Orcus, Gahthak eventually severs Orcus into two. The Gods’ Chosen returned to the room they began in and rested. The end of this nightmare felt the nearest it had ever felt.



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