Quest for Starfire

A Death and An Oath

A party member falls as a greater quest reveals itself.

After days of battling the disease infesting his body Thalion’s will finally gave way and he succumbed to the Mummy’s Rot. The remaining members of the party remained in the sanctuary of the Skullbreakers as Three sent a message to Quinn and Widgeon hastening their return to the island. Upon their arrival the group returned to the tomb and descended into a recently discovered trapdoor in the floor. Traveling further into the tomb and battling horrors along the way, the party discovers a seemingly harmless room with a jewel adorned skull sitting on a pedestal in the center of it. Quinn took the skull and triggered a trap opening the floor below him into the darkness of the inner temple. The party traveled down into the depths leading to a large circular room. However, as the entered, the cackling wraith of the mad priest Moghadam. Though victory seemed distant for a greater part of the battle, Three made a desperate final strike against the wraith and slew it. As it turned to shadow and disintegrated its magical sword dropped to the ground. Three approached the sword and when he stooped to pick it up, a voice was heard in his head asking if he would swear an oath to see the Demilich Acerak destroyed. Three took up the oath in the name of Haramathur and thus Ruinblade was his.



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